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Torque Game Engine Advanced 1.8.1
ShiVa 1.8.0 Advanced
Esperient Creator
نرم افزار Virtools 5.0 Pro
Quest 3D VR 4.1.2
3D Game Studio Pro A7.80
DX Studio Pro V3.2.7
UDK (Unreal Dev Kit) v3
Unity3d Pro v2.5
موتور Gamebryo 2.3.0
مدلسازی 3D انسان Poser 8
مدل های ماشین 3D VEHICLES
مجموعه Total Texture
سري كامل Psicosonic Textures
3D Objects & Characters Model
Evermotion Archmodel Collection
مجموعه Evermotion HD Models Cars vol.01
مجموعه صدا Sound effect
نرم افزار 3D Game Maker

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پرفروش ترین Torque Game Engine Advanced 1.8.1
Torque Game Engine Advanced 1.8.1

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Torque Game Engine Advanced 1.8.1

نام: Torque Game Engine Advanced 1.8.1
قيمت: 5500 تومان

خرید پستی Torque Game Engine Advanced 1.8.1
اگر کلید بالا مشکل دارداینجا کلیک کنید
نظرات نظرات کاربران و خریداران
Torque Game Engine Advanced 1.8.1

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نرم افزارها >> موتورهای گرافیکی >>

Torque Game Engine Advanced 1.8.1

محتویات این پکیج:
پک های جانبی تورک، شامل پک استراتژیک، پک اول شخص و سورس و داکیومنت های وابسته

Torque game builder v1.7.4
Torque Game Engine Advanced SDK v1.7.0


3D Game Programming All In One - book & CD for Torque game engine
Game Programmers Guide To Torque.pdf

به همراه plug-in های مورد نیاز، فایلهای آموزشی ویدیویی و نمونه های سورس باز


Torque's flexible, powerful rendering is as well suited to photo-realistic simulation as to achieving a custom, original-looking style. All modern features are supported by the Torque 3D renderer, including per-pixel dynamic lighting, normal and parallax occlusion mapping, and much more. Torque's graphics API includes implementations for all types of hardware and operating systems, making it a viable cross platform solution.
Genre Kits
All Genre Kits combine expert coding with world-class low-poly in-game art assets for a quick start to any new project. Add-on Genre Kits in development for Torque 3D include the FPS Genre Kit and the Racing Genre Kit with more to come.
Torque uses the OpenAL sound library by default and supports a wide range of features. These include 2D Sound, 3D Sound, Streaming Sound, SFX/Music driver, and more. Torque also has a C++ Sound API with sample integrations for world class 3rd party sound libraries like FMOD.
Torque is built with an abstracted C++ Physics API with the ability to be integrated with major 3rd party physics libraries, including PhysX, Bullet, and ODE.
Torque provides a fully customizable GUI module. Torque's World Editor is built entirely using this GUI system, so it is platform independent. Additionally, it can be used inside a 3D environment or even applied to arbitrary curved surfaces.
TorqueScript is a fast, easy to use C++ like scripting language that ties all the various elements of a project together. Most game functions can be programmed in TorqueScript, and engine additions such as physics or intense AI coded in C++ are called from script

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Torque Game Engine Advanced 1.8.1
نام: Torque Game Engine Advanced 1.8.1
قيمت: 5500 تومان
جزئيات بيشتر/خريد
UDK (Unreal Dev Kit) v3
نام: UDK (Unreal Dev Kit) v3
قيمت: 7500 تومان
جزئيات بيشتر/خريد
موتور Gamebryo 2.3.0
نام: موتور Gamebryo 2.3.0
قيمت: 9500 تومان
جزئيات بيشتر/خريد

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